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Ringlock Scaffolding Hire North Shore

Ringlock Scaffolding Hire North Shore

Scaff It Up offer Ringlock Scaffolding Hire North Shore. The Ringlock scaffolding system is a type of modular scaffolding.

Ringlock scaffolding is extremely quick for users to setup and dissasemble. Because of its efficiency, the Ringlock scaffolding system saves time and labour costs.

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How does the Ringlock scaffolding system work?

The Ringlock scaffolding system is a very versatile, simple system to use. Someone with only basic knowledge can erect Ringlock scaffolding quickly and easily.

Ringlock scaffolding uses rosettes which are very adaptable so you can use eight sides which allow you to build your scaffolding in any direction.

Boltless locks seat into the rosettes and no tools are required.

Each rosette allows a maximum of four braces and four horizontals for attachment. There are no loose components which add to its ease of use and also storage.

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How can I assemble Ringlock scaffolding?

How to assemble Ringlock scaffolding scaff it up North shore scaffolding

Follow these 3 simple steps to assemble Ringlock scaffolding

  1. Place the ledger or diagonal in the desired position
  2. Position the wedge in the required opening
  3. Drive the wedge in with a hammer. The ledger and diagonal automatically fall into place

What are the components of Ringlock scaffolding?

Vertical Posts or Standards
Vertical posts or standards give upright support to the scaffold structure. Rosettes are placed every 500mm, giving flexibility in the structure shape.
They can range in length from 0.5m to 4.0m, sized in 0.5m increments.

The ledger is a handrail and horizontal support for the Ringlock system. You can use the ledger to build multiple length bays and any scaffold specification
build required. Ledgers range in length from 0.4m to 3.07m

Base Jacks, Plates & Caster Wheels
The scaffold Jacks and castor wheels can be adjusted in height to suit uneven terrain and move your scaffold to another position.
Base plates can be used to level your scaffold structure.

Diagonals are used on the exterior of your scaffold structure to assist in stabilising the scaffold.
The diagonal ends are a crimp swivel connection and come in lengths from 0.73m to 3.07m. You can also use the diagonal as an
angled guard rail for scaffold stairs

Steel Planks 320W “U”
Steel planks are used for stadning or walking on. These range on length from 0.73m to 3.07m

Strengthened Transom “U”
Strengthened Transoms are used when holding more than 2 planks. They offer greater saftey with a re-enforced support bar
and range from 1.09m to 3.07m

Brackets “U”
Brackets give a scaffold structure extra width without the need for using additional standards. These are ideal for closer access to a wall and offer greater flexibility
on where your scaffold structure can be positioned when dealing with uneven terrain. Lengths range from 0.4m to 1.09m

Toe Board/Kick Board
Toe boards interlock with your scaffold structure and are a safety barrier for each scaffold deck level. Lengths range from 0.4m to 3.07m

Where can I hire Ringlock scaffolding North Shore Auckland?

Scaff It Up – Residential Scaffolding North Shore offer Ringlock scaffolding hire including assembly and break down on the North Shore and greater Auckland area.

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All Scaff It Up scaffolders are Sitesafe trained and treat every site with respect and professional courtesy. We pride ourselves in our high standard of conduct and professional service.

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